Our Business Strategy

iRep702 achieves true business networking success by not only nurturing the business relationship, but also by creating incentive and commission based programs that help promote and motivate all our business partners.
By creating a program that doesn’t solely rely on the business relationship itself, even though it’s the most important aspect of successful business relationships, it becomes a highly motivating business venture for every company that we represent as well.
The business networking platform that we at iRep702 have developed has proven to be the most cost efficient and financially beneficial solution for the companies we represent within our innovative business structure.

 Our Multi Industry Approach

 iRep702 is one of the first truly unique independent representative companies that promote and offers products and solutions from a wide range of diverse industries. We have established a strong founding experience in many industries such as the IT, Plumbing, Hardware, Entertainment and the Marketing Industry.
Our agency have gained experience in understanding and supporting the different business standards and lifestyles of those working in their unique industry. We truly focus on obtaining the results our clients expect, while maintaining a professional and productive work environment even in high stress situations.
Out of all the industries that are available for us to represent, we are still looking for new relationships and ventures to expand our business knowledge and experience while providing beneficial solutions to our clients in the mean time.

We truly look forward to working with you.

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